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GES connects driven, passionate students with innovative thought leaders from various fields and equips them with tangible skills-training so they can produce responsible solutions to shared global problems and create the change they wish to see in the world.


Short Talk 3: Dignified Depictions

Dignified Depictions: Respectful Images in Global Media with Michael G. Fry by Kevin Nigarura   “I’m not scared of him; I’m scared of the image of him.”—Michael Fry GES’s last short talk explored the intricacies


Workshop Block 6: Recruiting the Dream Team

The Who: Recruiting the Dream Team by Aslı Salihoğlu   Elizabeth Newton from Allowance for Good started things off by redefining what a “team” means: Your team is not just your employees, the individuals that work and serve your cause; your te

Dhruv Gulati
International Delegate ‘13
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I came back from Summit with a notebook full of ideas and a newly awakened vigor and enthusiasm. The summit helps you redefine your project variables and values–and, more importantly–it makes you question yourself and the ideas you carry. The global connections and relationships you forge during those 5 days leave an everlasting impact especially in the way you visualize the world out of your little comfort zone.